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Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Centipede Treatment


How To Identify A Centipede Infestation

Centipedes, named about the concept of them having 100 legs, can actually have a lot more than that.

Usually, Centipedes are a shade of brown or red and can grow up to roughly 30 cm.

More times than not, you will see Centipedes in darker areas such as a basement or on your property within the grass. Some may also climb up the exterior of your home and many Centipedes on your home can be unsightly.

Why You Might Have Centipedes

Centipedes are trying to keep safe so your home, especially the basement or dark and damp areas provide the quiet, undisturbed location Centipedes are looking for.

The grass also provides some safety from the sun during the day as Centipedes keep low to the ground and soil.

Reasons To Treat Your Centipede Problem Immediately

Centipedes can be problematic in that they can swarm in the thousands around your home which can be overwhelming to look at.

Centipedes are also capable of biting humans which can cause a painful bite as well as swelling or sickness. You want to avoid these complications from occurring by calling a Centipede exterminator to eliminate the overwhelming amount of Centipedes from your home and property.

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When your doorbell rings, you can be confident that the person JEM Pest Solutions has sent to your home to take care of your control and extermination is a true professional. We carefully screen, background check, and conduct lengthy interviews with prospective employees. JEM Pest Solutions technicians also undergo extensive training, both in the classroom and on the job with a mentor, before they are allowed to work on their own. You can rest easy knowing that your problem is in good hands with JEM Pest Solutions.

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JEM Pest Solutions has proudly been providing expert pest control and bed bug control in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over 7 years. During this time we've helped over 20,000 homeowners manage and exterminate their pest problems.

JEM Pest Solutions is a Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey locally owned and operated company; we take pride in servicing the community that we live in. We value your time, so when you call we'll schedule an inspection or service time that is convenient for you.

Our technicians are thoroughly screened during our interview process. We only hire professionals we would want to service our own homes. We background check and drug test all employees and make new hires go through extensive training both in the classroom and on the job before they can service a home or business alone. We also believe in and practice continuing education, ensuring our technicians are always providing the best service possible. You can rest easy knowing that when your door bell rings JEM Pest Solutions has sent a true professional to resolve your Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey pest issue.

JEM Pest Solutions provides a zero obligation free inspection and estimate in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our technicians will take the time and care to thoroughly explain the treatment options best suited for your particular problem. Our professional service is convenient as well as effective.

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