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Delaware & Maryland Boxelder Bug Treatment

How To Identify A Boxelder Bug Infestation

There are many pests in Delaware and Maryland. However, some may be more familiar to homeowners than others. While you may not be as aware of the boxelder bug, you have likely seen them in your home and yard. Being able to identify these pests is an essential part of stopping an infestation before it gets too bad.

A great way to identify boxelder bugs is by their appearance. Adults are about half an inch long and have a distinctive elongated oval shape and a black body with red or orange markings on their wings. Immature boxelder bugs, called nymphs, are smaller and typically bright red.

Boxelder bug infestations are also often seasonal. These bugs seek out warmth, so as the weather becomes cooler in the fall, they are more likely to appear in your home. You will often find them congregating around south-facing walls, which receive the most sunlight, or near windows, light fixtures, and other warm areas.

Finally, like many pests, boxelder bugs emit a strong odor when they are crushed. Many homeowners describe the smell as similar to coriander.

Why You Might Have Boxelder Bugs

As the name states, boxelder bugs like to live in boxelder trees. During the warm months of the year, you are most likely to find them feeding on the seeds, flowers, and foliage of these trees—boxelder bugs also like certain fruit trees, such as apples and plums.

Like all pests, boxelder bugs need warmth, shelter, and food. As we mentioned above, they are most likely to come into your home in the fall as the weather turns colder. They will like your home even more if it has many warm spots and easy water for them to drink.

Reasons To Treat Your Boxelder Bugs Problem Immediately

Boxelder bugs are not typically harmful to humans or pets. However, they can cause many problems, so you should attempt to solve any infestation as soon as possible.

Boxelder bugs most often cause the following issues.

  • Unpleasant odors: Because boxelder bugs can have a foul odor when they are crushed, an infestation can create a bad smell throughout your home.
  • Damage to your home and belongings: Large numbers of these bugs can stain walls, curtains, and other surfaces with their excrement, which can be difficult to remove.
  • Harmful to plants: Boxelder bugs eat the seeds, fruit, and foliage of plants, so they are likely to harm any plants in their vicinity. If you do not want a plant massacre in your home this winter, you will want to solve your boxelder bug infestation immediately.
  • Allergies: Finally, while boxelder bugs are not harmful to humans, they can cause an allergic reaction in some people, especially those prone to respiratory problems.

Call a Boxelder Bug exterminator today and let the expert team at Jem Pest Solutions help you remove the infestation for good.


  • Do boxelder bugs bite?
    No. Boxelder bugs are “true bugs.” This means they do not bite or chew their food. Instead, they suck the nutrients out. Therefore, they do not have mouthparts to bite humans. They also do not have stingers, so you do not need to worry about being hurt by a boxelder bug.
  • How are boxelder bugs exterminated?
    Professional boxelder bug exterminators will use various strategies to keep boxelder bugs out of your home and yard. They will most likely use an insect killer or other professional-grade chemical product. They may also recommend traps or diatomaceous earth to keep the pests from returning.

The team at JEM Pest Solutions can help you create a treatment plan that works for your unique situation.

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