Is Your Property at Risk for Dangerous Mold Growth?

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Although mold spores are constantly floating through the air, they only cause problems when they land on a dark, damp area. After that, the spores begin to grow rapidly and can lead to health problems and property damage. Stop mold growth before it starts by hiring JEM Pest Solutions for thorough moisture control services in Camden Wyoming, Dover and surrounding areas.

We’ll inspect your Delaware home for damp areas paying special attention to crawl spaces and other spots that can lead to mold growth. Using vacuums and other techniques, we’ll clean the area and clear any moisture to protect from mold.

Don’t risk the safety of your family or employees – schedule an initial consultation with JEM Pest Solutions in Delaware. In addition to superior moisture control services, we also have the skills to eliminate your insect or wildlife problem.

Have peace of mind knowing your property is protected from mold and free of insects and wildlife by contacting the professional exterminators at JEM Pest Solutions.

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If you have moisture built up in your crawl spaces, call us today before it turns in to mold.