Is your existing dryer wall vent a safety hazard and a potential danger to you and your family?

Faulty and clogged dryer wall vents are not only effecting the efficiency of your dryer but they are a safety hazard in your home. Thousands of house fires are caused every year due to clogged dryer vents. Scary right?

Have you checked your dryer wall vent lately?

Have you checked your dryer wall vent lately?

Go check it now. If it looks like this, call JEM Pest Solutions today. JEM Pest Solutions of Camden Wyoming, DE is an authorized dealer and installer of the In-O-Vate metal dryer wall vent.

In-O-Vate Metal Dryer Vent | Sleek in design, Performance in mind.

The In-O-Vate Dryer Wall Vent will not only look great on the exterior of your home but it is made to efficiently vent the dryer and is sealed to keep the pest out of your home. You owe it to your home and family to install the latest in Dryer Vent technology to keep both safe and clean through the years.

If you are interested in the In-O-Vate Metal Dryer Vent, call JEM Pest Solutions today.
With same day service, we can replace your dryer vent in and around Camden Wyoming and Dover today. It is easily installed in new and existing construction! To learn more, please visit the In-O-Vate website here.

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